Ok, we're a wine house.  But that doesn't mean we ONLY drink wine.  Sometimes we come across something so compelling, so well-made, so cool that we just have to have it!

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fat & juicy bloody mary mixes

The Fat & Juicy brand was born on a band roadtrip from Atlanta back to Charleston the "morning after the night before". It was bandmates Joe Good and John Glenn's desire to have a bloody mary with a homemade taste that drove them to create what would soon become the country's fastest growing bloody mary mix!

Football fanatics, avid sportsmen, and maniacs for music, Joe and John know how to have a good time. Between tailgate addiction and being on stage, the guys are no stranger to the old adage "hair of the dog." Collaborating on the fully-loaded Fat & Juicy recipe, they eventually made so many one-gallon jugs for friends each weekend that they decided it was time for Fat & Juicy to make it its way onto the shelves.

F&J is all natural, made with only the best ingredients, and it shows in the bottle.  This stuff is rich, ripe, and full of both flavor and body- and easily stands up to the best homemade bloody mix.  Available in ClassicCayenne, and Chipotle versions, and now with a killer Margarita Mix in the lineup!