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Sustainable, Organic Practices


Friuli, stretching from the Dolomitic Alps to the head of the Adriatic, is a cool, rolling landscape ideally suited to white and cool-climate red varieties.  Native varieties include Friulano and Ribolla Gialla, while the primary reds are French imports such as Pinot Nero, Merlot, and the two Cabernets.  The Gallos of Masut da Rive focuses on working the land with minimal use of mechanical aids and no chemicals, allowing the grapes to express their terroir to the fullest.

Now on the 4th generation of the family to work these lands, brothers Fabrizio and Marco Gallo (no, not that Gallo) work their 22 hectares along the Isonzo river to produce a stunning mix of red and white wines characteristic of their part of Friuli.

The brothers follow in their father Silvano's footsteps, working the vineyards and harvest by hand, and crafting small batches of complete and complex wines that speak of the soil, the climate and the fruit.  The winery is fully sustainable, including solar power and minimized drip irrigation.  Mechanized work is minimized to reduce carbon emissions and prevent exhaust fumes from drifting over the vineyards.

 Fabrizio e Marco

Fabrizio e Marco


Grape Varieties: Friulano 100%

Winemaking: Soft pressing of the whole grapes, static decanting of the must at 10-12 °C, followed by several months of lees contact in stainless steel before bottling.

Color: Warm yellow of good concentration, with alternating reflections between gold and green.

Bouquet: To the nose it gives subtle and pleasant aromas of peach leaves, nutmeg and acacia.

Taste: To the palate it is soft, balanced and thick, it goes from a certain spicy rusticity to a sweetness of ripe fruit.

Food Matching: Excellent as aperitif, with light appetizers, herbs risotto, white meats.

Alcohol: 12.50 %

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