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Organic, Biodynamic

Maverick Wines Pty Ltd. was established in 2004 by Ron Brown, a viticulturalist and winemaker with deep roots in the business. The objective was and is to be one of the top premium boutique wineries in Australia.

Although the company is young, Maverick owns 75 acres of vineyards from the top terroirs across the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. Approximately half of the vines are over 100 years old, and many much older - the Ahrens' Creek Vineyard at Vine Vale has 1840's Semillon, 1840's Grenache, and 1870's Shiraz, while in their adjoining Barossa Ridge Vineyard they have some Riesling from the 1860's! For many years the fruit from these vineyards went into some of the top names of the Australian wine industry - they are now reserved for inclusion in Maverick wines.

The quality of the wines is exemplary...
— James Halliday

Just as important as the acquisition of top terroirs is caring for them in close harmony with nature. Their vineyards are biodynamically farmed – Trial Hill and Barossa Ridge Vineyards are Certified Biodynamic and Organic by NASAA (the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture of Australia). The winery at Vine Vale is Certified Biodynamic. The combination of biodynamic viticulture, old vines, and dry farming results in very low yields which in turn give a pure and intense fruit which is fundamental for making premium wines.


Maverick makes its own organic compost to replace the nutrients lost through the viticultural cycle, and all vineyards are planted with green cover-crops to eliminate weed control and further improve soil health. They also maintain a herd of some 300 sheep to keep weeds down and provide an additional source of natural manure. Not to mention stuffing 100 cow-horns with organic manure and burying them in the vineyards every year!

The Wines

  • Maverick “Twins” GSM Blend (Greenock Rise Vineyard, Western Barossa, and Trial Hill Vineyard, Eden Valley)

  • Maverick “Twins” Bordeaux Blend (Ahrens Creek and Barossa Ridge Vineyards, Vine Vale)

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