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Tasmania, one of Australia’s cool-climate growing regions, is justly famed for its wines. The focus here is on whites and lighter reds, which benefit from the cool evenings and long hangtimes available this far south. The focus is on Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Riesling and Gewurz for reds, with Pinot Noir as the primary red. Tasmania is also one of the few spots in Australia working successfully with Merlot.

Nocton Vineyard is located 3km north of Richmond village in the heart of the Coal River Valley, about a 20-mile drive northeast from the capital, Hobart.

Vines were first planted in 1999 on the 34-hectare estate, which faces north east on a gentle slope with dolerite rich soils and excellent free-draining triassic sandstone subsoil.

After a few years of production under the Nocton Park brand, the vineyards were left idle other than selling grapes to other wineries. In 2013 the estate was purchased by a family that discovered it while vacationing, and has been revitalized and renovated.

Today, under the new Nocton Vineyard name, the winery produces only estate wines including their Estate line, several single-vineyard bottlings and a Champagne-style sparkling wine.


They have won awards globally for their Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. One of the reasons that their wines have come so successful is because the vines are planted very close together. This forces the roots to grow deeper where the soil is richer to compete for nutrients. This combined with the well-drained, mineral rich soil and the ideal climate allows Nocton to produce ripe, fragrant wines with terrific balance and acidity, and above all, a real sense of place.

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The wines

Nocton Estate Chardonnay: Bright and crisp in style with pronounced acidity and apple aromas. Absolutely unlike what you’d expect from a mainland Aussie Chard!

Nocton Estate Pinot Noir: Mineral-driven with notes of cherry and smoke. Focussed and tight… Food Pinot!