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In the far north of Portugal, the Minho district is famed for its Vinho Verdes, "green wines" produced from grapes that are just freshly ripe.  These lightly-ripened grapes give bright, fresh wines, often with a hint of carbonation, designed to be drunk very fresh and young.  While most Vinho Verde is white, there are red and rose Vinho Verdes produced as well.

Vines in this district are traditionally trained high and over pergolas, often with vegetable crops grown in the available land under the grape arbors.  This efficient use of farmland also helps prevent diseases associated with crop monoculture from gaining a foothold.

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The Adega Ponte de Lima was founded in 1959 in the town of Ponte de Lima.   The village takes its name from the famed Medieval bridge over the Lima river on the Roman highway to Santiago de Compostela.  Ponte de Lima is produced by the Adega, a cooperative of almost 2,000 very small growers in the surrounding vineyard lands.  The Adega is a superb producer of a variety of wines, from which we've selected two, a Vinho Verde Branco and a Vinho Verde Rosado.  Both are delicious examples of how wonderfully refreshing a well made Vinho Verde can be, fruity and fresh, moderate in alcohol... perfect wines for a New England seafood feast on the beach, or just for kicking back with a glass of refreshing crisp wine






Adega Ponte de Lima Branco

A beautiful crisp, slightly (but not overly) frizzante, made of a blend of Loureiro and Trajadura.  slightly riper (and slightly higher alcohol because of it), this is real wine at the "entry-level" price for Verde.  



Adega Ponte de Lima Rosado

This one is really amazing.  90% Vinhao, and 5% each Padeiro and Espadeiro, brilliant fruit, just the right touch of fizz... figure a bottle per person at the least!