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The Gassmann family has been making wine in the village of Rorschwihr since 1661.  The current domaine name dates to the 1967 marriage of Marie-Therese Rolly and Louis Gassmann, and today the estate is largely managed by their son Pierre Gassmann.  With 126 acres under vine and vast cellars extending six stories deep under their hillside and capable of holding a million bottles of wine, Domaine Rolly-Gassman makes some of the most compelling wines in Alsace.

Rorschwihr, Haut-Rhin

Rorschwihr, Haut-Rhin

The Gassmanns own no Grand Cru vineyards, but they have a series of lieux-dits in the important villages of Rorschwihr, Bergheim, and Rodern.  Rorschwihr in particular is famed for the nearly 2 dozen different soil types recognized as early as 1000 AD and allowing the perfect pairing of variety and soil.  Wines from this region have been famed for millenia, with Rorschwihr' vineyards being treasured as part of the Merovingian Royal Demesne as early as 742 AD.  Although terroir plays a key role for Rolly-Gassmann's wines, the wines are fruit-driven, highly expressive of their varietal character, with lush residual sweetness balanced by bracing acidity.  They make wines from every grape variety in Alsace, along with Vendanges Tardives wines and occasional Selections des Grains Nobles.  All are farmed organically using biodynamic practices - Pierre is a member of the Vignes Vivantes, a regional body dedicated to organic viticulture.

The Wines

Auxerrois Monchreben

Auxerrois Rotleibel


Gewurztraminer Kappelweg

Gewurztraminer Oberer Weingarten

Gewurztraminer Haguenau de Bergheim Vendange Tardive


Pinot Blanc

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris Brandhurst

Pinot Noir


Riesling Cuvee Yves

Riesling Kappelweg

Riesling Pflaenzerreben

Riesling Silberberg


Pierre Gassmann

Pierre Gassmann

Alsace wine is the great adjunct to one of France’s most splendid cuisines. Alsace gives the flowery-scented grapes of Germany the body and authority of such table wines as white Burgundy - proper accompaniments to strong and savoury food.”
— Hugh Johnson, the World Atlas of Wine
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Harvest at Rolly Gassmann

Harvest at Rolly Gassmann