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The Rueda Denominacion is located in the northwest of Castile y Leon, about 25o km northwest of Madrid.    Many Rioja producers also own vineyards in nearby Rueda where they produce white wines.

Balnea’s vineyards are located in La Seca, in the south of Valladolid, on a high altitude (2400 foot) plateau. The soil is rich in limestone with a gravel sublayer beneath. The low fertility of the soil and scarce rains combine to produce low yields of highly concentrated grapes. Winters are harsh, dry and sunny (2600 hours/year) allowing a perfect ripening. The Continental climate, with extreme temperature differences between day and night, is the reason for the unique balance achieved in these grapes.

The vines are farmed organically, and harvest is done 100% manually. Fermentation takes place at a very low temperature - 9 degrees F for 8 weeks. (Industry standard in this region is 15 degrees for 1-2 weeks.) This technique is unique to this winery and contributes to the structure and aromatics of the wine. Only native yeasts and special low temperature yeasts are used. Careful battonage is carried out to maximize contact with the lees. The wine undergoes natural decantation for filtration.

The winemaker is Maria Jesus Hernadez, one of the few female winemakers in the region. Maria's family have had vineyards for many generations but Maria is the first winemaker in her family.

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Variety: 100% Verdejo.  +25 year old vines. Estate grown.

Soil: Chalk and broken slate

Winemaker: Maria Jesus Hernandez

Tasting Notes: Citrus and herbal notes on the nose, with a creamy and delicate body.