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With over 240 hectares of vineyards, Familia Traversa is not a small operation, but it operates like one. Founded in 1956, the 4th generation of the Traversa family is intimately involved in every aspect of vineyard management and winemaking.

The family operates the finca sustainably on all levels, from producing 75% of their own energy needs from rooftop solar, to green-cover in the vineyards eliminating the need for herbicides, to recycling the pomace left from winemaking which replaces chemical fertilizers. Even their state of the art farm equipment was selected for its fuel efficiency which also lowers the amount of exhaust fumes in the vineyards.

The Wines

Traversa doesn’t try and make cellar monsters. They harvest the grapes ripe, but early enough to preserve great acidity and with only 12.5% potential alcohol- their goal is balance rather than power and it shows in the wines. All three wines show great varietal character. Vinification is primarily in stainless steel with maturation in tank and bottle prior to release. Bottles are sealed with natural cork.

Traversa Tannat BTL.png

Traversa Cabernet Sauvignon: This is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine and shows classic varietal character. A nose of pepper, plum and a bit of spice leads into a round mouthfeel, with elegant structure and nice complexity.

Traversa Cabernet Franc: Also very varietally correct, with a slightly lighter feel than the Cab Sauvignon. Touches of bell pepper an d herbal notes in the nose, and bright cherry/plum on the palate.

Traversa Tannat: This wine is a blend of 90% of Tannat and 10% Merlot to round off the edges. Fermented in stainless, aged for 2 months in American oak and then in bottles for about a year before release. A deep ruby red color with complex nose of smoke and leather leads into flavors of stone fruits such as plum, apricot, cherries with hints of spice. A dry, full-bodied wine with a strong and balanced palate. Soft tannins and an elegant structured finish.